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I help artists & brands 

navigate and elevate 

their marketing strategy.

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Get to know me

I am a creative marketing strategist & project manager, with experience in entertainment, digital and brand marketing across the vibrant musical cities of Los Angeles, Miami, NYC, and Mexico City.


I've worked with leading brands in entertainment including Spotify, Meta, Apple, Deezer, Latin GRAMMYs, Tik Tok, Universal Music Group, Sofar Sounds, Jack Daniels, Disney Cruise Line and start-up gems like Mash Machine - an innovative musical box that facilitates live music creation and performance.

Buzz words like “Culturally-Niche” are often the type of brands I am drawn to work with and digging into the b-sides of consumer behavior to understand where a brand’s “niche” is represented around the world is my passion.

Creative Strategy  Artist/Brand Liasion 
Campaign + Social Media Management 

 Project Management   Fan Activations

 Brand Partnerships  Talent Booking

I help artists and brands 

navigate and elevate 

their marketing strategy.

There are so layers to marketing -  (re-)defining your brand, creative strategy,  analytics, organic v. paid marketing, etc., there’s an endless list! I break it down and help artists/brands learn how to tackle each one on a daily basis to keep their strategy fresh.

I design release strategies to connect artists/brands to local and global communities. These plans can include strategic content creation, social media ads, contract negotiation with brands/sponsors, and event management.

Project &


A few brands I've worked with:

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